Dehydrating Nectarines

Who doesn’t like preserving fresh fruit at their peak of flavor!? I have a nectarine tree that has been overly generous this year with fruit. I went out to my orchard to taste one the other day and ended up eating 6 while I picked enough to put in my dehydrator. These are a tasty little snack for when you need to satisfy your sweet tooth… your kids (and you) will love them! I have used many dehydrators over the years and I have to give props to my Excalibur Dehydrator. It is HANDS DOWN the best I have ever used. I got mine on Amazon.

Now, let’s get movin……………..

All you need are nectarines (as many as will fit into you dehydrator) and JELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Start with your fresh nectarines. Wash and let air dry.

Next, just simply prepare your fruit by slicing in half so that you can easily remove the pit. Then cut the halves in half again… so basically you will have 4 slices per nectarine.

Lay them out on your dehydrator sheets, leaving room for air to circulate around each piece. Then sprinkle with………. JELLO!!! Just a light sprinkling is all you need. This will give your fruit an added color and flavor that you taste buds will thank you for later. (I used peach flavored Jello… try strawberry, cherry, orange… any would be amazing on these!) Turn your dehydrator on 135 degrees and let these babies fly! Total time depends on how dry your climate is. I’m in Utah, and these beauties were VERY juicy, so it took close to 16 hours. I put them in at night, and checked them when I woke up the next morning. Just check every couple of hours to take out the ones that are ready. You will be looking for slightly a little moisture left in your fruit.

I like to throw mine into zip lock baggies and keep in the pantry. They last for months! I’m sure they would last even longer if you kept them in the fridge. I have also dehydrated the fruit all the way so no moisture was left, then I vacuum sealed them with an oxygen packet. I opened one up that I have had for 3 years, and it was still just as delicious as the day that I picked it.

Walla… your very own stash of nectarines to enjoy for months to come!!!!!!!

Let me know what you think about these. What flavor of Jello did you decide to try?

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