Homemade Pickles

Who doesn’t love homemade pickles?!!! If you’re lucky enough to have a million small pickling cucumber, you are lucky enough to make some pickles.


To each pint, add the following…

1 dill stalk (fresh or dried)

1 garlic clove, peeled

1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper

small fresh pickling cucumbers- as many as you can tightly pack in

Now bring to boil:

2 quarts soft water

2 quarts white vinegar

1 cup canning salt

** You will want to heat up your hot water canning bath and a small water pot with your new lids ahead of time.

Make sure to wash your pickles from any remaining dried flower and dirt on them before canning.

After you have prepared your pickles and spices in each jar, pour your hot liquid over pickles. Leave 1/4″ head space. Wipe rims from any splashed liquid with clean, wet cloth. Place warmed lid over jar and secure with ring. Hot bath pints for 25 minutes. Remove from hot water bath and rest on towel layed out on your kitchen counter. Leave jars until they have completely cooled, ensure that seal is good. (To do this, press on the lid- it should not bounce back). Label and place in your pantry to enjoy all year long. It’s best to let stand for at least 2 weeks before tasting.

Happy Pickling!!!

Author: hometownLivin

Hi there, I'm Cheryl- the mastermind to HometownLivin, and I am here to help you all become the modern age doin it all kind of person. Many have asked for my help in learning some of the basics around the kitchen when it comes to canning, preserving, baking, cooking, gardening, crafting, etc... so I thought that I would share it with everyone at the same time! I try to make my life as easy as I can, so follow along and let's create some fun things for our own peace of mind. I try and use the most organic things I can find to make my creations. Non-GMO, natural, organic, pesticide and growth hormone free is the way to be for me!!!

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