Hello World

Here we go…. let’s start blogging. This, my friends, is my very first post that I have actually put down in words. I’ve been wanting to start blogging for some time now. I’ve had lots of people ask me how I’e done things, and I think it will be a fun way to connect with you all, showing you little tricks and secrets that I have learned over the years. Let me ask you a question… Remember pretending that you were hosting a cooking class, but no one was actually there. Remember doing your chores and to make it more fun, you pretended that it was for a tv show… so you had to give step by step instructions? I sure did. Even pulling weeds out in my garden, I would find little plant treasures and explain what it was and how to cook it, how to transplant it, how to give it some love so that one day it produced enough to share with your family and friends.

I am going to show you some of my favorite things in life which are baking, cooking, gardening, crafting, cleaning (ok… maybe not a favorite, but still a good one), gifting, organizing, canning, dehydrating, etc. This blog is going to be for everyone who wants to learn how to do the things that our mom did when we were little. I hope to also learn form you all in your comments. People do things differently all over world and I want to hear about it. Let’s begin this adventure together, and start SHARING!!!

Love- Cheryl

Author: hometownLivin

Hi there, I'm Cheryl- the mastermind to HometownLivin, and I am here to help you all become the modern age doin it all kind of person. Many have asked for my help in learning some of the basics around the kitchen when it comes to canning, preserving, baking, cooking, gardening, crafting, etc... so I thought that I would share it with everyone at the same time! I try to make my life as easy as I can, so follow along and let's create some fun things for our own peace of mind. I try and use the most organic things I can find to make my creations. Non-GMO, natural, organic, pesticide and growth hormone free is the way to be for me!!!

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